The integration of technology in the learning process has transformed drastically the society surround, especially for those who can access the technology services. However, for those who cannot access this service, they stay in the dark, and it causes a new stratification in a society where the rich get more spirit with new ideas while the poor will stick at the old conservative. You should know that this gap will affect some crucial fields, even it can impact education as well. There are some digital divide effects in education to understand.

Several Ways the Digital Divide Can Affect the Education
Several Ways the Digital Divide Can Affect the Education

The digital divide in an education fieldĀ 

As we know that technology access is a wide topic that includes the availability of software, hardware, accessories, and unlimited network, especially in a formal school environment. This inequality issue is visible in each society, several factors also contribute to this technology gap, such as poverty, poor infrastructure, corruption, and so on.

Ways a digital divide can affect education

It can cause a lack of performance because of less exploitation

Individuals who come from low-income families will get lower information which is essential to advance their educations and make some innovative ideas since they cannot afford the connectivity to the internet. Thus, most students from underdeveloped countries only do programs that are more theoretical and they do not involve intensive research. This issue can make them get a lower performance when they want to do something.

Several Ways the Digital Divide Can Affect the Education
Several Ways the Digital Divide Can Affect the Education

It improves the convenience in the learning process

Nowadays, you can learn with comfort in your living room on the distance learning course. Many elites were empowered since they have devices to support this program, while the poor will face many obstacles in their efforts to reach quality education programs, and they should travel to some institutions miles away.

It can cause unfair competition

Nowadays, many universities around the world use technology and most of the activities such as tasks and learning presentations are online. It provides superior students who can get internet access to have an unfair competitive toward fewer privileged students. The poor do not have crucial information which has presented online, thus they always late, and it will be summarized that they have a poor performance.